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5,04 EUR*
Details Cloth Tape Measure 24pc Tub Display

BAUMGARTENS-Cloth Tape Measure. This package contains one tub of 24 tape measures in assorted colors. Each tape measure extends to 60 inches and measures in centimeters and inches. Imported.

39,61 EUR*
Details Fox-Kopf Geist Measure Measure 2 Unzen

2oz Spirit Measure Stirrup Cup - Fox HeadEven without horses and hounds this fox head stirrup cup, in finest pewter, holds just enough to warm you up. Or, just use it as a distinctive spirit measure.Edwin Blyde produce some of the most beautiful ...

4,53 EUR*
Details Dritz Quilting Quilter's Flip Tape Measure-120"

DRITZ-Dritz Quilting: Quilter's Flip Tape Measure. This tape measure is always ready for use at either end-- just flip and measure! This package contains one 120-inch Flip Tape Measure with 1/16 inch increments. It is flexible and has a width of 5/8 ...

12,23 EUR*
Details Crocheted Tape Measure 60"-Cat

Paradise Exotic Shawl Pin-Crocheted Tape Measure. Fun and adorable tape measures in 5 foot lengths. Everyone should have one in their project bag. Great gift idea or stocking stuffer! This package contains one 60 inch crocheted tape measure. Comes in ...

3,58 EUR*
Details Tape Measure-5/8"X60"

DRITZ-Tape Measure. This 5/8in wide 60in yellow tape measure is made of non-stretch, reinforced fiberglass with 1/16in black markings and inches/metric on opposite sides. Imported.

37,40 EUR*
Details Measure, Integral and Probability (Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series)

Measure, Integral and Probability Provides an introduction to measure and integration theory. This book features a constructive proof of the Radon-Nikodym theorem, an analysis of the structure of Lebesgue-Stieltjes measures, the Hahn-Jordan ...

17,90 EUR*
Details Profit Beyond Measure

Profit Beyond Measure A bold alternative to the prevailing "management by results" approach, "Profit Beyond Measure" proves how companies who follow the principles governing all living systems -- self organization, interdependence, and diversity ...

7,35 EUR*
Details Tape Measure 5'-Assorted Colors

BAUMGARTENS-Tape Measure. This package contains one vinyl 5ft/150cm tape measure with a self-winding button. Available in a variety of colors: color chosen at random only. Imported.

16,23 EUR*
Details Messlatte Made to Measure. Kindermesslatte: Made to Measure / Zollstock 10 Glieder

Von der Geburt bis zum Auszug Kinder messen und am Türrahmen markieren, so wurde es bisher gemacht. Ab heute kann dazu die Kindermesslatte von Donkey genutzt werden. So gehen die Markierungspunkte auch nicht verloren, wenn mal ein Umzug vor der Tür ...

75,99 EUR*
Details Measure Theory and Probability Theory (Springer Texts in Statistics)

Measure Theory and Probability Theory This is a graduate level textbook on measure theory and probability theory. It presents the main concepts and results in measure theory and probability theory. It further provides heuristic explanations behind the ...